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Image of ZEWAR co founders - Surabhi & Shashank



ZEWAR (Zeh-vur) is the brainchild of 2 marketing professionals, Surabhi Somani & Shashank Kapur (S&S). Originally from India, and currently based in Sydney, Australia, they have a penchant for travelling, photography & fashion.


Together, they dreamed of creating a global platform to bring the best of Indian karigari (artistry) to the world. It’s a vision they have had for years, but it took their combined baby bonding leave in 2021 to find the inspiration to turn this into reality.


Across India, there are many talented artists who are waiting to be discovered, to tell stories of their achievements and struggles through their designs. During the pandemic, many of these artisans lost their livelihoods and had to abandon their craft in favour of other means to support their families. At ZEWAR, we are building a community to keep alive our traditional crafts and jewellery-making techniques. 


ZEWAR is about being personal, unique and expressive. It is a platform where cultures collide, creativity triumphs and personalities shine. We combine fine artistry with contemporary designs, curating a varied collection of statement pieces and everyday essentials sourced from across India which are designed ethically, and produced sustainably using high quality materials.


There is so much more for the world to see and experience, and we are the medium to make it accessible to YOU.